Parents Notice

This notice is for admission to Nursery class only.

Eligibility: Girls born in the year 2015 are eligible for admission to Nursery and only such candidates need to apply. All the detailed information, as requested in the form, about the candidate and the parents must be submitted, to be eligible for the interaction.

The Institution: Auxilium School Dum Dum is a Christian Minority Institution and as such the norms of minority institutions are applicable in the admission procedure.

Procedure: The first selection is done by scrutinizing the forms, and then the second one based on the interaction with the parents and the candidate by the Principal or one delegated by her. The final selection will be on the basis of those who have completed the admission formalities and procedures correctly and have been short listed after the verification / interaction.

Board of Admission: Admission – procedures are conducted exclusively by the Principal and the Auxilium Sisters, authorized by the Principal. No other person in the school or outside has any hand in the selections. The Principal does not mediate through third parties with regard to admissions. No play Schools or other such institutions, near or far, have any affinity to this school to win any special consideration. Parents are warned against such claims.

Vacancies: Approximately 100 candidates will be selected for admission to Nursery. Receiving the application form or going through the interaction procedure does not guarantee admission. Those who are not selected for admission are requested not to ask for reconsideration.

Recommendations are not welcome and can be detrimental to admission.

Form: Forms will not be issued from the school. Parents and Guardians are required to download fill-in the required details of the form from the school website and submit the same on the net. In case any field is left free, the application will not be accepted by the site and will be rejected. This application can be submitted online any of these days between 16 August (10. 30 am) and 31 August 2018 later by 5.p.m. When you submit the form you will get a unique computer reference number which will be used for all future correspondence and reference. Kindly take note of the Unique Computer Reference number for further procedures. The reply to your application form will be intimated through the Website on Wednesday 24 October to Wednesday 31 October 2018.

Please Note: Only if you have read the prospectus of the school and if you are satisfied with the admission procedure described above, you need to apply.



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